3 Benefits of a Hi-Def Business

hd biz

It’s 2014, if we haven’t already, we need to give thought to the buying habits of the  social customer.  The social customer has certain traits which pertain to BOTH B2C and B2B.  The common trait is that both do online research as part of their buying process.

In today’s business no matter what industry, geography, demographic, etc… some sort of web presence is necessary.  Let me give you a for instance: once upon a time to do business with a utility, government entity, enterprise your go to marketing piece was the Capabilities Statement.  This is still true today but now the purchasing departments are also diving in online to find out more about your company.

What is an HD Business?

  • An HD Business isn’t difficult to find or get a hold of because of their web presence.
  • Prospects and customers can learn more about you by visiting your website and your social media channels.
  • Your profiles and website have up to date information that paint a clear picture of you help your customers and clients.
  • You have photos of your team, events, company outings and so forth.
  • You have client testimonials on your site or visible on directory sites such as Yelp or Google Places.

Here are 3 real benefits to being a Hi-Def Business!

  1. People can find you!
    Your website, blog posts, social media, directory listings help your SEO.  When someone is looking for you or your product/service they are more likely to find YOU if you indeed have a HD Business.Keep your content fresh.  Create your social business plan to ensure you are blogging, posting and engaging on a regular basis.
  2. Prospects can get to know you before they meet you!
    People do business with those they LIKE, Know, and Trust.  With a HD Business personality people can get to this LIKE, Know, Trust factor quicker! You’ll notice people at networking events and prospects feel more at ease with you.As you’re engaging and posting online be sure to be genuine.  Avoid the constant sales pitch.  Be interesting and people will follow what you’re saying.  Collaborate with your team to come up with the best content and ideas!
  3. 24/7 Marketing!
    One very powerful fact about the internet is that it’s 24/7.  It appeals to the early bird, the late bird and everything in between.  Your content never goes away.  People can read/find it at their convenience.Be consistent, have direction, plan your social media publishing.  You shouldn’t shoot from the hip with your online marketing.  Always make it easy for people to contact you and/or buy and access your product.

We hope you gleaned from this post.   The moral of the story is don’t neglect your online presence. If you need help please don’t hesitate to contact us 626-710-4221 or connect@socializela.com.

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