Social Business Highlight: The Strand Hotel NYC

In 2014 we still see a lack of business to consumer communication via our favorite social networks.  Businesses are failing to see that their customers and prospects want to be engaged online.  As consumers we don’t just want to be sold, we want to be valued.   As a social customer I get excited when I find a company who does social business right!  Social business right is at minimum responding to a customer who is talking about you online. So it’s with great joy that I highlight The Strand Hotel NYC.

The Strand Hotel NYC

View from our room!

View from our room!

I am not a stranger to NYC, however, my visits usually include me staying with my Aunt & Uncle or my sisters.   This past November my husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary in the city and we stayed at The Strand Hotel.

The Strand Hotel NYC is located in Midtown on 33 W. 37th between 5th and 6th Ave.   The hotel is centrally located to trains, restaurants and tourist hot spots.  The hotel bellman were quick to hail cabs which was appreciated since it rained every day of our trip (which we didn’t mind too much).   The View, wow, I can’t say enough about the view from our room or the view from the top of The Strand.  Breathtaking, front and center view of the Empire State Building! The Top of The Strand also has a convertible top for open air in the warmer months.  See the full gallery here on their website.

Prior to my stay I was tweeting about how excited I was for my trip.  My husband I planned months in advance so the conversation started early.  The Strand was so hospitable.  I felt like I KNEW LIKE TRUSTED them even before we arrived.  When we got to the hotel it almost felt like we were visiting an old friend.  My husband is not a social media user and he was very impressed by the value he saw for both the business and the social customer for the social engagements.  For our first dinner, rather than venturing out to an off-site restaurant we chose to eat at The Strand Bistro.  Which was lovely and delicious.

The service was amazing all around at the hotel from front desk, bell, restaurant, bar, etc…   Thank you for the stay and thank you for making us feel so welcome even before we arrived.  I highly recommend The Strand – it’s my NYC Hotel of choice.  I’ve already recommended to friends and colleagues.

Bonus: Fast & Free WiFi!

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I hope you enjoyed this review of a social business. It pays to be a social business in the short and long term.  If you have questions about how you can become a social business give me a call.  I can certainly point you in the right direction.


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