Top 3 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Twitter

Top 3 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Twitter  

Stop Underestimating the Power of Tweeting for Your Business

Wondering what that little bird is all about? It’s time to get some engagement with your customer with great content and what’s going on right NOW. Still not sure if your business should be on Twitter, here are three reasons your business absolutely needs to start tweeting. 

  1. Branding – The top reason for any size business to use Twitter is to create your “BRAND”. Your goal is to make a recognizable voice for your business and what you represent. The social world is massive and you need to stand out by making people see who you are. Creating an authentic voice for your business will be your hardest challenge but also your biggest payoff. To gain the trust of a follower and turn them into a customer is your main goal. When you build a recognizable brand, customers will know what they can count on from your services. In turn you are creating brand loyalty and repeat customers.
  2. Customer Connection & Engagement– You have your followers, now what? It isn’t just about signing up for a Twitter account and writing a couple posts a week. Your target audience may seek you out, but it will be your connection and engagement with them that will keep them coming back and get them in the door. Your goal is to turn your followers into potential clients and/or partners, as well as keeping your current clients. Having a two way conversation with your target audience “opens doors for brands to interact with consumers in a direct and responsive way, with brand loyalty as the major goal.” 1 Retweeting is like giving Twitter praise and @replies from a brand are similar for the consumer. For example, one rainy day I decided to take the Metrolink in to a meeting I had in LA instead of sitting in traffic. A few minutes later, I got two @replies that made me happy that I tweeted about riding the train. Something so simple that will create brand loyalty to your business and it only takes a minute.
  3. Marketing– What business owner doesn’t like the idea of FREE advertisement? That’s what social is for your business. Twitter gives you access to thousands of consumers in your target market without paying expensive advertising costs. To get an idea of the potential of this platform, there are 230 million monthly active users worldwide, according to Seth Fiegerman’s “Twitter: What to Expect in 2014” article, and Twitter only plans on growing their reach2. With Twitter’s 140 character limit posts, this makes you be exact and concise about your latest promotions, blog, sale, etc. to really grab the attention of your followers. Some see it as a negative, I see this as a huge positive for your business. You want to always lead to great content that will have your followers coming back for more.

Happy Tweeting!

Ashley Nelms
Social Business Coordinator

Twitter @socializela
Instagram @anroma offers: Social Media ManagementSEO ServicesWeb Design andCoaching & Training


  1. Petronzio, Matt. May 12, 2013 “Why Brands want to have a Two Way Conversation with You”
  2. Fiegerman, Seth. December 25, 2013. “Twitter: What to Expect in 2014.”

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