Twitter Basic Terminology

margaret brown, twitter basics, social mediaWhen I want to text the world, I use twitter!  Think of this tool as a quick message to someone you know or don’t know.  Here are some basic uses of Twitter features.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been hearing our friends and peers ask questions about Twitter basics.  I hope this helps!  Be sure to share the link and tweet about it if you found it beneficial.  If you want to practice you can mention:

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Read this article if you need more evidence of the power of Twitter for business.  Otherwise proceed with the rest of this article.

3 Reasons Your Business Should be on Twitter

If after reading this article you need additional guidance please feel free to email us at Connect  @ or call our offices 626-710-4221.

Let’s Get Started…

No more than 140 characters allowed in one tweet.


Signifies that a Twitter account holding this badge is the official Twitter for this public figure.


  • Specifically ‘mention’ someone with @[insert their user name].
  • They will be notified via their preferred notification method that someone (you) have mentioned them in a tweet)
  • You may mention multiple people in one tweet.
  • These characters subtract from your 140 and are part of the message.
  • Feel free to Mention anyone you’d like (just don’t always expect a response)
    For example: If you mention First Lady Michelle Obama she may not respond and if she does chances are it’s her staff.  But don’t be discouraged from doing so.  You may also mention someone you just met a networking event it’s a great way to reach out.
  • Don’t hesitate to Mention someone if you feel like it! If someone has a twitter account they understand this is part of the process.

  • Think of the # hashtag as a subject index.
  • No one is being personally addressed with a hashtag.
  • Your audience (if you want them to see the hashtag) needs to already be aware of the hastag.
  • Use the hashtag when you want to join a conversation that already exists.  (Such as #TGIF: You can be a part of the million tweets going out specifically about that fact that it’s Friday)
  • Start your own hashtag. Start a conversation and involve your community.  We use #SocialBusinessPlan and we encourage our community to use this hashtag when they have a question or thought.
  • Yes, there is such a thing as TOO MANY hashtags.  Keep your tweets to 3 MAX.
  • Hashtags are universal on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.


A Powerful Search Feature!

Visit, to see this screen:

OR, Login  to your Twitter account and use the search bar on the top of the screen.  2 Step process:

1)  Type in your search term

2) A list of tweets appear.  LOOK AT THE LEFT HAND COLUMN and select ADVANCED Search


Use your imagination and search based on your needs and business.




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Happy Tweeting!

Margaret Brown
Social Business Director

Twitter @socializela
Instagram @anroma & @socializeLA offers: Social Media ManagementSEO ServicesWeb Design andCoaching & Training


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