Pinterest: 7 Million “Pinners” and Counting!

Pinterest for Business -

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Pinterest has grown to a social community of seventy million users, known as “Pinners”.

Pinterest is a social platform that is a great source for referral traffic to your website or blog. A combination of images and videos makes up “Boards” that users can organize with each image linking back to a website or blog.

Before you jump into creating a Pinterest account for your business, make sure you build a Pinterest strategy into your Social Business Plan. Just as with Facebook or Twitter, you need to know what your goals will be and how you are going to reach them.


Here are a couple questions to ask yourself that will set the tone –

1. Will Pinterest increase traffic to my website or blog?

It seems like a simple question but a simple answer will determine if your business will benefit from using this social platform. Not all businesses will, so make sure it is a platform you need to invest your time in or not.

2. Do I want to provide business to consumer information or business to business information?

This can be determined based on your website or blog content. Pinterest links back to your website or blog so you want to make sure Pinterest is an extension of that to drive traffic. Do NOT create a whole new blog or website to adjust to a Pinterest plan.


Now that we have established you are ready to start your business account on Pinterest, what’s next? First check out the help center, this is one of the best help centers I have seen for social media.

Download the Pinterest for Business Guide to really get going on a step-by-step how-to. The benefits and your goals should be to –

  1. Increase brand authority
  2. Expand your reach
  3. Drive traffic to your site

You want to have quality links and pictures driving traffic from your Pinterest account to your blog and/or website. My biggest advice, more as an avid Pinterest user, is to make sure all links correctly connect with where you want the user to go on your blog and/or website. There is nothing worse than the dreaded error message of ‘Page Not Found’ for a Pinterest user.

A definite downfall of many business blogs or websites is not having a prominent opt-in form to gather emails. You want to drive the traffic from Pinterest then be able to actually get results from it. No point in having 10,000 visitors a month to your site if you don’t have any information from those users to generate leads.

My last little bit of advice is to have a “Pin It” button on every page of your site. You want it to be as easy as possible for visitors to your site to be able to share your information on their Pinterest page. Your reach is exponential in the social world, so make it easy to expand your reach.

For our more analytic people, you can track you activity with Pinterest web analytics. Good way to see how you are reaching your goals we set forth in your Social Business Plan.

Now have fun, get inspired, and start Pinning!

Ashley Nelms
Social Business Coordinator

Twitter @socializela
Instagram @anroma offers: Social Media ManagementSEO ServicesWeb Design andCoaching & Training

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