Social Business News: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

(Please note that my source for these ‘facts’ is various websites.  I sought out information on the most valid sites, but still, it’s the internet.)

The Anatomy of a Successful Campaign

According to news sources around the country, Pro-Golfer Chris Kennedy is credited with the start of this widely success social campaign.  Social in the meaning that he set out to help the greater good of the community, and social in the meaning that social media was used to gain global coverage and participation.

This group of colleagues and friends sprouted a $100 donation into more than $22 million in just over a month.

Success and Warnings…

To call this a success is an understatement.  The crew who began this challenge had no idea what they were about to unleash!  

There are millions of people looking at the success of the ALS challenge, wondering how they can duplicate.  A gentle warning to those people, the online world is unforgiving of poorly initiated copy cat campaigns.  We’re smarter than we look. Be original.  

What people love…

You could say this challenge has been widely successful because of it’s support to a much needed cause.  However, non-profits and causes undergo campaigns all the time which are not as successful or successful at all. What was the difference in the ALS challenge?

People love to have the spotlight.  Mix that with something ‘fun’ like ice water and you apparently have yourself a big winner.

Raising awareness…

Did you know about ALS prior to seeing buckets of ice water being dumped on people?  I know I hadn’t.  It has to mean so much to people who suffer from the disease or who have lost loved ones to the disease.  The cause is now earning awareness and now money can go to research.


No matter what you do or say (online), you’ll always have naysayers.  You will never please the entire internet universe. 

The #socialbusiness side of things…

Our blog is about business – so how do we relate and learn from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

  • Don’t be afraid to dream big!
  • If at first you don’t succeed, tweak and try again.
  • Think it through: make sure you thought out the plan and how you want people to participate.
  • Speak to the social consumer: they like the attention.
  • Be unique.
  • Put yourself out there.

The Anatomy of a Successful Campaign:

  • Engagement
  • Speaks to the target audience
  • User friendly
  • Low maintenance/Self Sufficient

My favorite video: President George W. Bush takes the challenge, and challenges President Bill Clinton. 

Thank you for stopping by.  We enjoy reading your comments.

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