#SocialBusinessPlan: Visibility, Credibility, LIKEability!

SocialBusinessPlan SocializeLA.comEvery page, every post, comment, thread, photo, email newsletter, blog, and all your content you publish works towards your Visibility, Credibility, and/or LIKEability. Let’s define!


  • Do you show up in search results when someone types in your name or company name?  This is much easier to achieve then the next bullet.
  • Do you show up in search results when someone types in your area of service or industry?  The competition can be stiff.

How do you say YES to both? Publish content regular, the right content.


  • Give your sales force a leg up with their prospects.  When a prospect Google’s you, or researches your company what do they find?
  • As you market and network your brand what do people find when they inquire a little further into your service?

Be the credible solution by showing your knowledge and innovation via your online presence.


  • People do business with those they LIKE, Know, Trust!
  • Shorten the sales cycle with a LIKEable persona.

How can you possibly get someone to LIKE you without actually meeting you?  Your online presence.

Online Presence, defined:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Forums/Threads
  • Press Release
  • Advertisements
  • Review Site
  • All content about you online

It’s important that you publish regular and with your goal in mind.

  • Add humor
  • Community/Social Involvement
  • Education about your industry
  • Special Offers

Publish regularly to keep a steady flow of content. Give your audience the information they need to get to know you better.  Don’t underestimate the power of Visibility, Credibility, and LIKEability!

Thank you for ‘listening’, if you have any further questions please email connect @ socializela.com or call us 626-864-1115.

You can purchase The #SocialBusinessPlan on Amazon, a guide to help you understand your next steps.

The ANROMA Team!

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