#SocialBusinessPlan: Trends for 2015 (Infographic)

Let’s take a look at the timeline. It’s crazy to think that only 20 years ago it was becoming normal to own a personal or family computer, 18 years to own a cell phone, 10 years to send a text message, and 7 years ago social media was MySpace.com. Obviously, there are exceptions to those numbers if you were an early adopter.  In this digital age in which we live one thing is certain, expect progress. For businesses, not all of the social media statistics matter to you.  It may not on the surface be relevant to your business that 1.7 Billion users post millions of photos, check-in, Google search, engage, and chat every minute of every day.  I want to challenge you to not dismiss all the facts too soon.  It’s important to not ignore these growing numbers.  To stay alive we must stay on the cutting edge of all business trends, we may not need to follow – but we certainly need to be in the know.  Here are some trends that I see for 2015:2015 Social Business Trends

  1. Engagement is still king.  You may also hear the a buzz term “Real Time Social Media Marketing” a fancier way of saying make sure you respond to comments and make sure you join the conversation.  I’m starting to see engagement get the respect it deserves.  For so long it was on the sidelines, especially when keyword stuffing was all the rage.  Engaging can sometimes be a thankless job because the ROI (from an execs point of view) is not instant so in that case it doesn’t matter.  Building relationships takes time, building relationships builds business.
  2. Cut through the noise.  To achieve this YOU must first cut through the noise.  Are you easily distracted? So is your audience.  You have to identify who/what/where/when/why of your target audience.  Determine the best way to break through the noise.  Often times this is a combination of several campaigns with the same message (email, social media posts, website banner, advertising). Pushy selling will not break through the noise.  The social customer is growing in online sophistication they need a sophisticated call to action.
  3. Mobile Pay, Social Media Commerce.  If you still aren’t accepting credit cards you may want to start there before you read on.  1 in 3 Black Friday purchases were made from a mobile device. 65% of mobile users use their mobile device to make purchasing decisions.  Making the online buying process easy is one thing, we now must accommodate the mobile user.  This isn’t just for businesses selling goods and services.  This is true for event sign-up, webinars, content, etc… Your #SocialBusinessPlan should be responsive.
  4. Content rules your Google Search.  To rank high in a Google Search is not the work of waving a magic wand.  The only magic wand that exists is ads and you know those will cost you per click.  In 2015, you need to be willing to develop content and share your content online.  This may mean blogs, video, photos, and more.  Social signals along with other on page and off page optimization practices help you immensely!
  5. Progress as the industry progresses.  There is a place online for all businesses.  Knowledge is power.  It’s important to not neglect the unknown. If you need assistance ask someone or seek the help of someone in the social business industry.  You don’t have to be on all social media channels.  It’s important to engage and create content on the places that matter to your business or organization.  Educate yourself.  We work with clients who have hesitated for your years, and have just recently seen the value of an online presence.

We’re here to educate you.  We do offer a variety of service, first and foremost is understanding why. Take advantage of our free social business audit.Margaret Brown Founder & Owner of The ANROMA Group – SocializeLA.com Twitter/Instagram @margmarieb Follow Us Twitter: @socializela Instagram @anroma Facebook.com/socializeLA Facebook.com/socializeyourbrand SocializeLA.com offers: Social Media ManagementSEO ServicesWeb Design andCoaching & Training

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