Making History Every Day

We’ve been members for 4 years, best decision on so many levels. Thank you NAWBO!

NAWBO® National

WBC '14-0842NAWBO was founded 40 years ago by a group of women business owners in Washington, D.C., who sought to advocate for the removal of obstacles and impediments to women entrepreneurs. Over the next several decades, they achieved many things, including helping eliminate state laws that required women entrepreneurs to have a male co-signatory for their business loans and rallying for the creation of the National Women’s Business Council, which still conducts research and aggregates information on the contributions women business owners make to the U.S. economy.

That spirit of advocacy lives today as NAWBO works in state capitals and in our nation’s capitol of Washington, D.C., to impact policy-making and create an environment that empowers women business owners to succeed, grow their companies and create jobs.

What we know about NAWBO members is that they are optimistic, enthusiastic multi-taskers who want to give back to this generation of entrepreneurs and…

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