The Easy Breezy #SocialBusinessPlan


Pasadena, CA

On May 4th will launch it’s first group led #socialbusinessplan.  The course is intended for business owners, marketing departments, and social media managers who need to create a plan for their online marketing efforts. provides a variety of online marketing services to businesses nationwide.  In addition to these services they educate their audience through one/one consulting and group in-person workshops.  To accommodate more requests for the #socialbusinessplan, Margaret and team have decided to launch the online school to facilitate the class in this flexible method.

The course is 6 weeks and will be a blend of videos, webinars, online discussions, and weekly phone calls.

For more info and to register: The #SocialBusinessPlanOnline-2

May 4th-Jun 12th

  • Week 1
    • Setting Goals
    • Making a Schedule
    • Your Vision
    • Choices: Social Business channels and platforms and other tools
    • Visibility, Credibility, LIKEability: Defined and Applied to your business
  • Week 2
    • Find your voice
    • Create your plan and content calendar
    • Branding and messaging
  • Week 3
    • Power partners
    • SEO Basics and application
    • Competitor Analysis
  • Week 4
    • Blogging
    • Email Marketing
  • Week 5
    • Tracking & Monitoring your efforts
    • Engagement
    • Social Sales
  • Week 6 
    • Bring it together
    • Review #SocialBusinessPlan together

If you have questions please contact the team for assistance.

Contact: connect(@)

Twitter/Instagram @margmarieb

Follow Us Twitter: @socializela
Instagram @anroma offers: Social Media ManagementSEO ServicesWeb Design andCoaching & Training

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