Margaret’s Resume
©.The ANROMA Way©.

The ANROMA Group was created with Customer Service Excellence in mind.  Founder, Margaret M. Hernandez throughout her career has had a passion and expertise in utilizing Customer Service Excellence to achieve success.  Margaret’s 10 year corporate career includes The Walt Disney Co, in Anaheim, CA and service with a tourism company in New York City. Her experiences and passion have brought togetherProfessionalism, Organization, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Leadership skillsto create the unique Customer Service excellence curriculum The ANROMA Way

Margaret is passionate about helping others achieve their goals.  To help businesses succeed and surpass their own expectations.  To motivate individuals to excel in their places of employment.  And lastly, to ensure that within our communities consumers and clients of all types are receiving excellent service as they continue to fuel our economy.

The ANROMA Group is dedicated to improving work flow, sales, and over-all operations of businesses. ANROMA chooses clients based on need, attitude, and willingness to apply and implement the training. Each project is just as important as the next. ANROMA approaches each project with a positive attitude and is committed to a successful outcome.

This is all part of the

The Development and Training Company

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