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On May 4th will launch it’s first group led #socialbusinessplan.  The course is intended for business owners, marketing departments, and social media managers who need to create a plan for their online marketing efforts. provides a variety of online marketing services to businesses nationwide.  In addition to these services they educate their audience through one/one consulting and group in-person workshops.  To accommodate more requests for the #socialbusinessplan, Margaret and team have decided to launch the online school to facilitate the class in this flexible method.

The course is 6 weeks and will be a blend of videos, webinars, online discussions, and weekly phone calls.

For more info and to register: The #SocialBusinessPlanOnline-2

May 4th-Jun 12th

  • Week 1
    • Setting Goals
    • Making a Schedule
    • Your Vision
    • Choices: Social Business channels and platforms and other tools
    • Visibility, Credibility, LIKEability: Defined and Applied to your business
  • Week 2
    • Find your voice
    • Create your plan and content calendar
    • Branding and messaging
  • Week 3
    • Power partners
    • SEO Basics and application
    • Competitor Analysis
  • Week 4
    • Blogging
    • Email Marketing
  • Week 5
    • Tracking & Monitoring your efforts
    • Engagement
    • Social Sales
  • Week 6 
    • Bring it together
    • Review #SocialBusinessPlan together

If you have questions please contact the team for assistance.

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Measure Your Social Business: Are you shooting from the hip?

Social media network connection and communication in the global,We never want to discourage a company, professional, or organization to STOP being social.  We do discourage time wasting.  Avoid time wasting with a plan!

We encourage our friends to measure their efforts.

Are you shooting from the hip?

  • Post whenever you have time.
  • Post and then hope for the best.
  • Add links to your website/email signature/email marketing and hope people click.

These are prime examples of shooting from the hip social marketing. This is a great place to start.  It’s all about getting your feet wet.  But you don’t want to continue operations this way.  You will not reach your growth potential by operating in this fashion.

You must have a #socialbusinessplan.  A plan will help you:

  • Identify your target, where you should spend time, how you should engage.
  • Blocking specific time for follow up, sales, engagement, etc…
  • Blogging, Email Communication, and more.
  • Lastly, ANALYTICS!

You can try manually tracking LIKES, following, etc… Or you can use a 3rd party tool. There are many available. Rignite has a very nice tool that helps create campaigns with excellent measuring support (read more).  All in all, you want to validate your efforts with numbers.  Numbers don’t lie.  Which types of posts get the most attention?  Is your target market responding the way you want them to.

A plan will help you identify your goals.

If you want super results you need to have a plan.  Make your efforts as profitable as can be.

In just a few weeks we’ll be launching our SocialBSchool! Until then, you can purchase the #socialbusinessplan workbook from Amazon.

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