An Art Therapy Affair:

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Greenlite Meals is unique because they don’t just offer food. They provide tools to change lives. With nutritious vegan meals delivered directly, meal planning services, as well as health and nutrition counseling.

Meet Greenlite Meals: Greenlite Meals offers ready to eat, plant-based meals made with all natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. We’ve also created a team of health and fitness experts that our clients can work with one-on-one to help them live the healthy life they deserve.

The Greenlite Meals unique philosophy on health:

We provide the food, counseling, and the fitness advice necessary to help our clients reach their goals on the journey to better health!

The goal of Greenlite Meals is to make it simpler for EVERYONE to enjoy the benefits of a plant based diet.

Greenlite Meals, tell us a fun health fact:

The average American diet is highly caloric with very little nutritional value. As a result, rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic illnesses have skyrocketed to nearly epidemic proportions in the US and around the world.

Numerous studies over the last few decades have clearly shown that people whose diets focus on plant-based whole foods tend to have a lower risk of chronic disease.


An Art Therapy Affair: Pasadena Breast Wellness Center

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We provide a comprehensive alternative to breast health and care. Our services include risk assessments, prevention education, natural support during medical treatment and FDA -approved Sure Touch Breast Exams that are non-compression, non-invasive and radiation free. – Pasadena Breast Wellness Center

Thoughts on health:

I believe that each person is their primary health care provider, no one knows your body like you do but you have to engage with it and take responsibility for it. Through understanding what you need to retain or regain health rather than holding your breath waiting for disease to happen, you can live with less fear and have more power over your life.

Interesting health fact:

Breast cancer and prostate cancer are related and are both positively impacted by iodine.

Tell us about your company:

I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist specializing in Women’s Health and Stress Management. I am also a Licensed Esthetician and I combine all my skills to create a unique place for women to maintain youthfulness and vibrancy. I have been nominated for the Women Making a Difference Awards by the Los Angeles Business Journal three years in a row. – Brenda Smith

We’re excited about the Pasadena Breast Wellness Center!

They offer an alternative breast exam that is very accurate yet comfortable. They spend time listening to your concerns and answering your questions. As an natural health care practice we can offer treatment in addition to lifestyle, diet and supplement counseling. And they offer all of this is an environment that is soothing and welcoming.

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